Fukiko Aoki (born July 7, 1948) is a Japanese writer who lives in New York. She has written for major newspapers and magazines in Japan, and has published 14 books.

She was born in Kanda Jimbou-cho, the famous neighborhood of bookstores and publishers in the center of downtown Tokyo.

After finishing college and returned to this town, she started working for a Japanese publisher. She worked for a music magazine as a reporter and editor then later published her first book, "Good-bye with a Leica" about the Japanese photographer, Kyoichi Sawada, who covered Vietnam War and was shot and killed in Cambodia in 1981. This book was a critical and commercial success.

Her second book was about Amelia Earhart, the famous American aviator. She pursued the mystery of Amelia’s disappearance in the South Pacific in 1937. This is the only book researched from the Japanese side of this mystery. She interviewed a crew member of the Japanese boat which received the order to help in the search for Amelia. She checked the Japanese coast guard logs of those days, other records, and added new information to the enduring mystery.

After publishing these two books, she moved to New York in 1984 to become the editor and bureau chief for the Newsweek Japan New York bureau. In 1987, she married the American journalist and writer, Pete Hamill.

In 2001, she witnessed the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and published “America Collapsed” by the end of that year. After this book, she started a major project in the history of Japan during the American Occupation. Her book, "Unit 731" (2006) was about the secret biological warfare program of a man named Dr. Shiro Ishii and why he was never charged with war crimes. This book was translated into Chinese and published by Shanghai Translation Publishing House and now translated into English.

Her next book, "Beyond the Ruins: Compton Pakenham and Post-War Japan" (2011) told the story of the British journalist who played a secret role in the creation of post-war Japan.

Her latest book about Elizabeth Saunders’ home in 2015 was titled "A woman who fought GHQ: Miki Sawada".

Ms Aoki is now at work on a memoir of her late husband, Pete Hamill.

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